New Blue Party of Ontario

Windsor / Essex

Jim and Belinda Karahalios, New Blue Ontario

In July 2020, Belinda took a historic stand. 

Belinda voted against the original passing of the Doug Ford PC government’s undemocratic and authoritarian lock down legislation – Bill 195. 

She was the only current or former Ontario PC MPP to vote against Bill 195.

And Belinda is the only politician in Canada to be expelled from a political party or lose a position in government for voting against a piece of COVID-19 related legislation.

Bill 195 enabled the public and private sector COVID-19 mandates in Ontario and allowed Ford to impose the longest and most frequent lock downs in North America.

As punishment for her historic stand, Belinda was removed from the Ontario PC governing caucus in a unilateral decision by Ford. As a result, Belinda also lost her position as Parliamentary Assistant to the Solicitor General.

Two weeks later, Belinda and 18 other PC members in Cambridge were removed from their elected positions on the Cambridge PC riding association board – in an undemocratic move that was in violation of the Ontario PC Party constitution.  Belinda was also informed by PC brass that she would never be permitted to run in a PC nomination again. 

Over the two years since the initial passing of Bill 195 on July 21, 2020, the Ontario PCs have become more authoritarian and more left wing.  The Ontario PCs are now the provincial wing of the federal Trudeau Liberals.  More on this next time. 

But out of all the trials and tribulations that Belinda and her husband Jim have faced, standing on principle and standing up against the establishment, your New Blue Party of Ontario was born.

And through hard work and determination, the New Blue Party is now Ontario’s fifth largest party – only behind the PCs, NDP, Liberals, and the Greens.

Mission Statement

The New Blue Party of Ontario was established by Belinda and Jim Karahalios to offer the solutions necessary to ensure our province’s future is one of hope, opportunity, and prosperity….Read More


At its noblest, good and responsible government should demonstrate accountability, transparency, and integrity while acting in the best interests of its citizens….Read More

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I do not support the New Hospital. Here’s why ~

New Hospital – Old Problems

Windsor has been promised a new hospital for more than 10 years. Despite a decades long staffing shortage, health care professionals were fired due to mandates. We need transparency and open dialogue to address issues such as medical errors and quality of care. We don’t need a new hospital with the same old problems.

Sophia Sevo, 2022 New Blue Windsor-Tecumseh Candidate