Censorship, Elections and Pierre. A Re-Cap.

Municipal, 2022

Where is My Vote?

As a Ward 7 Candidate for Councillor this past municipal election, we were supposed to have access to updated voters’ extracts.
I voted, but my voting status shows an “N” next to my name, and not a “Y”. In fact so do more than 95% of the names on my list in Ward 7. I checked for updates multiple times, the last verification was October 29, 2022.
I asked the Official Clerks about this discrepancy multiple times and I have not received a response.

I Also Asked

I encountered multiple instances where a long term resident did not receive a Municipal Voting Card and was not on the Ward 7 voter’s list. However, that same resident receives a Provincial and Federal Voting Card. How is this possible?

A. No reply.

Did You Know?

Municipal election guidelines are set by the Province. This past election offered multiple voting options, and decisions were decided by municipalities.

Did you know that Tecumseh did not have in-person voting? All voting was cast online or over the phone.

Provincial, 2022

Censorship in Windsor

This past provincial election the New Blue was censored at every turn. Jim K. was excluded from the leaders debate in Toronto and here in Windsor we also felt the sting of the media blackout. From CKLW to the “freedom” rallies, the New Blue was shut out across the board in Windsor. The New Blue was the only party not invited to participate in the CKLW debates.
We were given small concessionary gifts, such as last minute interviews, or questions about climate change. Unlike other candidates, my solo interview was never re – published for replay on CKLW. Here is a summary of some my CKLW & CBC Q & A’s.

Q. What is one thing you want people to know about you?
A. I am not a politician, I am your advocate.

Q. How do you suggest we address the hospital staffing shortage.
A. I have heard every candidate come on this show with pre – determined ideas on how to solve the staffing issues. Why don’t we ask / include the staff? They are far better equipped to navigate these issues.

Q. Why did you decide to run as a provincial candidate?
A. My original intent in late 2020 was to advocate for the rights of cancer patients. This was a direct result of my mother’s care. She fell victim to euthanasia, without her consent, without the consent of the POA and without anyone ever consulting her primary caregiver, which was myself. I was the primary contact on file since 2013, when she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. So many mistakes and missteps occurred. For example, when she ended up in ER in 2020 from a drug reaction that almost killed her, she was discharged with that very same drug on her chart.
For the record, I do not support the new hospital build. We do not need another hospital with the same old problems. We need to address medical errors and transparency.

Q. What are your thoughts on urban sprawl?
[This was actually a question about the location of the new hospital build and that it would not be accessible to residents living downtown or in the west without a vehicle.]
A.  We have all taken the bus in Windsor and waited for more than one hour. That was the case more than 20 years ago, and that is still true today. Windsor has never had a reliable transit system, and I can’t imagine why anyone would think it would happen now. I believe the new hospital location would be equally difficult to reach for anyone planning to take the bus.

Q. How will New Blue address climate change?
A. The New Blue principles are centered on transparency, accountability and integrity. Thus, the New Blue will dedicate the same degree of attention to all issues that come across the table. When New Blue MPP’s are elected into office, I believe they will inspire other MPP’s to do their jobs with the same degree of dedication.

Federal, 2022

Pierre’s Platform

The Conservatives held a get together November 8th, 2022 at The Bourbon in Tecumseh. Rumours have been swirling since this past summer that another federal election will be called soon. As of now, Spring 2023 is the anticipated time-frame.
The meet and greet was attended by Andre Dowie (Windsor-Tecumseh MPP), Dave Epp (Chatam-Kent MP) and Chris Lewis. (Essex MP) Board members and past Candidates were also present.

The purpose of this meeting was to rally support before the election, drive donations and prepare a volunteer team. Some of the speakers mentioned Chrystia Freeland and the Carbon-Tax, however Pierre Poilievre’s platform highlights were not discussed. Additionally, the get together did not feature a Q & A. I had an opportunity to speak with one of the MP’s, here is the condensed version.

sophia You have come here to ask for donations and volunteers, but you haven’t mentioned any platform issues. Can you lay out your platform and put it in writing?
MP (a bit of a chuckle) We have discussed this. We don’t want to reveal our platform because we don’t want to get attacked.
sophia Attacked by who exactly?
MP The liberals

The bottom line:
The MP stated that you will know before you cast your vote. Again, I asked, “But you are asking for money and volunteers now”.

This MP went on to say they had no legislative power because they did not have a majority.
sophia. Will you impeach JT when you have the majority?
MP. For what?
sophia For his crimes.
MP. What crimes?

As this progressed he mentioned the 2 scientists out west, and that was a crime they could possibly get him on. I added, “What about the Chinese troops training on Canadian soil”?
MP Don’t believe everything you read on Facebook
sophia I vetted my information, aside from that I do not have Facebook.

On this note, he went form defensive to neutral instantly, ending this topic with, “Oh, that’s good”.

On the topic of covid.
sophia Most of the people getting infected are jabbed.
MP Oh no, the new variants are very dangerous.

It wasn’t long after, I called it a night!

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