Do You Want a Camp?

Your Taxes at Work

On August 19, 2022, Windsor’s MPP announced the building of a local “voluntary self isolation covid camp.” The formal explanation given was that it was being built out of respect, to honour and care for the many migrant workers we host in order to protect them from covid.

It is difficult to get an exact amount on the cost. Windsor’s MPP Irek announced the cost as 42 million during the press release, but CTV and CBC have both also printed 24 and 4 million.

For roughly 20 minutes non-stop, MPP Irek was jeered and heckled, until his team gave up and moved the press release indoors.

Many cell phones were out and recording, the accompanied clip streamed live on fb.

In the event the live link disappears, a screenshot of the press release has been provided.

Link to Official Document

Official Press Release

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