Healthcare Privatization – Know the Facts

The Citizen Led Push Back Against the Privatization of Our Public Health Care

Undecided? Here are Some Stats.

  • The Ford government received and sat on a 6 billion federal covid transfer which did not get fully disbursed throughout healthcare or education. The Ford government has under spent the health care budget by $1.25 billion, even while patients are waiting.
  • Our emergency departments & other vital services are closing, and our nurses & hospital staff are leaving by the thousands due to overwork, burnout & frustration.
  • Hospitals have endured years of under funding.
  • We have a manufactured crisis in healthcare and the opportunity to profit will go to the highest bidder.
  • Private clinics routinely up-sell and over-charge for services, with prices up to five times higher than OHIP costs. For example, day surgeries in private clinics often require overnight stays.
  • Private clinics do not have to adhere to the provinces’ regulatory standards in healthcare
  • Private clinics skim on registered staff to increase profits for shareholders.
  • Bill 60, the privatization act includes language that permits redefining the requirements / certification standards for doctors, nurses and psw’s.
  • Private retirement homes had the highest death rates during COVID, yet they are being rewarded with 35 year contracts over non-profits. Death rates in for-profit homes were five times greater than those of publicly-owned homes, and double those of non-profits. More About Long Term Care
  • While withholding public funds, the Ford government was funding the establishment of private clinics.

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