It’s Pride Month in Kindergarten (in Canada)

St. Mathew’s in Newfoundland

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Seventeen year old Canadian student Josh Alexander has been arrested and handcuffed multiple times. What are his crimes? Defending the girls at his Catholic High School who were uncomfortable sharing the bathroom with transgender students. He also shared his Christian belief that there are only two genders.
On June 9, Josh will rally in Ottawa. Join us in Windsor at the flag to stand with Josh in solidarity.

June 1, 2023

Northwood Public School in Windsor, Ontario, saw 600 out of its 800 students stay home on June 1st. That’s an incredible 75% walk-out. The really great part is that it wasn’t isolated to just one school.

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HOT MIC: Teacher tells Muslim students skipping LGBTQ events is not Canadian

Kids should not be indoctrinated with critical race theory, schools should be non-partisan and teachers should model kindness to everyone and speak out against every form of discrimination they see, including discrimination against white people which comes from the “anti-racist” movement, because the anti-racists want us to believe that whites are inherently racist and they’re permanently guilty of some kind of sin.

Chanel Pfahl


Chanel Pfahl, an ex science teacher posted this comment on facebook, prompting an investigation by her school board in 2021.
She was investigated several times afterward, including by the Ontario College of Teachers.


A child’s illustration documenting the emotional pain of lock-downs and masking. What role did the masks play in our current collective conditioning and submission?

Where is this Going?

What’s in the School Books?

Online Communities

Greater Essex County District School Board Trustees

The Teacher’s Training Manuals

Power and Privilege

Flying the Pride Flag in Essex

Walkerville Assembly, 2023

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