Parents. You Should Know.

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In the United States, Town Hall and School Board Meetings are regular occurrences giving parents and the public an opportunity to speak. Here in Canada, our elected representatives are both largely inaccessible and unresponsive.

If you know anyone that voted for the Uni-Party (Liberal, PC and NDP) they voted for more sub-par education and healthcare.

Healthcare and Education legislation is largely shaped through provincial legislation. Belinda Karahalios (New Blue) was 1 of 4 (of  124 MPP’s)  to vote against CRT in schools. Ford would like nothing less than full implementation across Ontario.

Do most people fully understand how graphic the curriculum is? See for yourself. These are some of the “standard” books being distributed in NA. I have seen many clips of US parents rallying against this material.

Now ask yourself, where do you think $10 a day daycare will go? More than 15 years ago, I was aware of this happening in kindergarten classes in Switzerland and parents were helpless to stop it. The time to be vigilant is now. What is in your neighbourhood will soon be on your doorstep.

Parents. You Should Know.

Our local elected representatives, at all levels of government are choosing to be silent on all fronts.

sophia sevo

2022 New Blue Windor-Tecumseh Candidate
2022 Candidate for Ward 7 Councillor

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