Sophia Sevo

Sophia Sevo was born and raised in Windsor-Tecumseh, graduating in Montreal in Fashion Design. She has been working as an independent entrepreneurial business owner and is known locally as the Cover Girl or Slipcover Queen, as written in her Windsor Star features. Sophia is also a published author and enjoyed many years as a dedicated gymnastics program coordinator and instructor for the City of Windsor.

Sophia is honored to join Belinda and Jim Karahalios who have persevered against countless obstacles, attacks and illness, to represent Canadians.

Belinda was the only MPP to vote against the provincial lock down announced by the Ford government in 2020. For this, she was kicked out of Ford’s PC Party. That was the spark that ignited the New Blue Ontario Party. Belinda was one of only four MPP’S to vote against critical race theory, protecting Ontario school children from radical racial and sexual indoctrination.

The New Blue Party values are centered on accountability, transparency, and integrity.

Equally, Sophia’s values center on respect, dignity and duty. Year over year, we have witnessed once esteemed institutions abandon honor and service. With lock downs and human rights infringements we have record numbers of children and adults with mental health issues, suicides and drug use. Our lock downs have caused a 24% cognitive decline and a 20 point IQ drop for children aged 0-5. We now have 6 year year old children self-harming and proclaiming they no longer wish to live. How long will we permit these injustices to continue? Sophia believes the true crisis we are suffering is not covid, it is amorality.

In Windsor, we have been suffering a decades long staffing shortage which mandates have exacerbated. Across Ontario, 10,000 health care staff have been fired due to mandates, while Ontario recruits nurses from outside of Canada to alleviate the now common 12 patients per nurse ratio.

Sophia has witnessed first hand medical terror caused by government overreach. Her mother was coerced into a one week drug schedule, leading to toxic shock and a visit to ER for narcan. The next day she was euthanized in her sleep, dying alone, 16 hours later. In the months after her mothers’ death she was in contact with every health care institution to advocate for a protocol change. She discovered a fragmented, in-cohesive health care network; one where many many mistakes are made and patients are misled. This is not the health care Canadians contribute to, nor expect.

Ontario spends 74 million dollars per year on it’s euthanasia program. For the year 2022, Ontario has increased that budget by 23 million. Parliament has passed legislation to expand euthanasia and assisted suicide to include people with disabilities, chronic conditions, and mental health concerns. As with covid, the boundaries of overreach continue to expand, just as health care has continued to transition to death care.

Sophia stands before you, to represent you as an advocate, and a public servant; not as a politician. Her original intent to advocate for the rights of cancer patients in 2020, has now expanded to address the entire health care system.

Her heartfelt beliefs are simple. You cannot advocate for your rights, yet deny the rights of another.

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