Your Advocate, Your Public Servant

The following is the text of my recent PSA filmed for local cable.

I would to like to start by commending Belinda and Jim Karahalios, founders of the New Blue Party, who have persevered despite countless obstacles, attacks and illness. They have chosen a more difficult path, not the easy way out.

Add to that, Belinda is the woman, who has proven to be the man, amongst the men at Queens Park.

Belinda was the only MPP to vote against the lock downs announced by Ford. For this she was kicked out of Ford’s PC Party. This was the spark that ignited the beginning of the New Blue Ontario Party.

Of 114, Belinda was one of only four MPPS to vote against critical race theory in Ontario. This bill subjects children to radical racial and sexual indoctrination. Parents around the US are fighting back at school and city hall meetings. Here in Canada, we have been denied that opportunity to be heard.

The last few years have brought privilege to a handful of corporations while smaller business owners continue to suffer. With every passing year, wealth and power are being consolidated as the middle class disappears. Choice, growth, prosperity and opportunity disappear.

Year over year, we have witnessed once esteemed institutions abandon honor and service. With lock downs and human rights infringements we have record numbers of children and adults with mental health issues, suicides and drug use.

We now have 6 year year old children self-harming and proclaiming they no longer wish to live. How long will we permit these injustices to continue? I believe the true crisis we are suffering is not covid, it is a crisis of amorality.

For more than 10 years, Windsor has been promised a new hospital. Despite a decades long staffing shortage, employed health care staff were fired due to mandates. We are now recruiting nurses from outside of Canada to alleviate ratios as high as 12 patients per nurse. We do not need a new hospital with the same old problems. We need transparency and open dialogue to address issues such as medical errors and quality of care.

I have witnessed first hand the trauma caused by government overreach within the healthcare system. My mother was coerced into a one week drug schedule, resulting in toxic shock and a visit to ER for narcan. She was euthanized in her sleep the next day and she died alone, 16 hours later.

In the following months I contacted every arm of the healthcare network, seeking a change in protocol. I discovered a fragmented, in-cohesive system; one where many mistakes are made and patients are misled. Tax payers deserve better.

Ontario spends 74 million dollars per year on euthanasia, for 2022, that has increased by 23 million. Euthanasia and assisted suicide has expanded to include people with disabilities, chronic conditions, and mental health concerns. As with covid, the overreach continues.

I stand before you, to represent you as an advocate, and a public servant; not as a politician.

The New Blue Party values are centered on accountability, transparency, and integrity.

I’m sophia sevo, Windsor-Tecumseh, New Blue

We are standing up for you.

Join Us.

2 thoughts on “Your Advocate, Your Public Servant”

  1. Sophia,
    These are all very important issues. You will be a good representative for Windsor-Tecumseh and an example for the rest of Ontario.

  2. I was seriously considering not voting this year.
    It would be the first time ever if I didn’t.
    Then I heard about the New Blue.
    I checked the party out and I’m pleased and excited !.


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